San Diego Financial Literacy Center



The San Diego Financial Literacy Center (SDFLC) enhances the financial IQ of San Diego County residents with a focus on youth (K-12 & College), military (active, transitioning and veteran), and low-to-moderate income persons. The financial literacy of our constituents is enhanced through our complimentary and custom built educational seminars and workshops.  Working collaboratively to bring real, relevant and non-duplicative resources to San Diego is the cornerstone of the SDFLC.  Additional education is offered via confidential one on one financial consultations and budget analysis.

Along with our volunteers, we have dedicated countless hours to assist thousands of people throughout the San Diego region via our complimentary, comprehensive and custom program(s).

The San Diego Financial Literacy Center (SDFLC) was created in late 2013, and opened its doors to the public on February 26, 2014. The brainchild of Antony Murigu and Brad Pagano, the SDFLC programs were integrated into DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc., a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization headquartered in San Diego.

In 2001, DebtWave was established with the mission of delivering financial education and debt management services to the public. Similar to today, many households were facing budgetary challenges, money mismanagement issues, and an overall lack of financial education; therefore, educational workshops and debt management services were and still are in high demand.

Today, the community outreach program started over eighteen years ago and has been re-branded as the San Diego Financial Literacy Center, which provides comprehensive and custom financial education, focusing on the overall financial health of constituents.

What are the SDFLC's short-term and long-term goals?

A short-term goal is to continue to provide information, education, and training that drives the financial stability of the residents of San Diego County. A long-term goal is to increase financial literacy by helping individuals and families better understand how to manage their finances, create strong credit profiles, borrow wisely, and plan for retirement.

Our Mission

The mission of the San Diego Financial Literacy Center is to educate and empower individuals and families to make sound financial decisions and develop positive personal finance habits for life.

Our Vision

By providing educational opportunities and financial guidance to help individuals and families become financially fit, the San Diego Financial Literacy Center will be providing an invaluable service to the San Diego community.


The key to success for the SDFLC is the collaboration with community, corporate, military, and educational partners throughout San Diego. Financial literacy affects us all, and by developing strong strategic partnership that focus on providing real, relevant, and topical financial education in a culturally competent manner, the SDFLC will have a lasting impact on the community at large.


The SDFLC currently tracks constituents via survey, quarterly contacts, and regular touch points to ensure curriculum and education outreach. Combined with a strong sustainable messaging and awareness campaign, the SDFLC plans to bring life-long change to our constituents. Helping people increase assets, decrease debt, and increase their credit score are just some of the goals that the SDFLC hopes to achieve this year and beyond.

Anyone can Learn Anytime

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